The Campaign Management Platform brings speed, quality and efficiency

The pressure on agencies is increasing: falling margins, increasing transparency requirements, a high demand for consulting and an increasingly complex media landscape are generating massive cost pressure.


With the increase in channels, formats and data sources, the manual time required, the error rate and the number of systems required are also rising.


With our Campaign Management Platform, agencies can concentrate on the value-creating core of their activities. We have largely automated the operational execution of campaigns, ad management and data aggregation as well as reporting for you.

Campaign Management Platform

Digital Control’s proprietary Campaign Management Platform breaks down silos and turns your media plan collection into true end-to-end paid media planning.

Campaign Planner

Strategic planning tool across different campaigns, teams, channels and countries. Brings together all levels of your customer with the agency - and avoids redundant customer enquiries at the same time. Never tinker with Excel overviews again!

Media Desk

Media planning and activation at it's best: Automates the majority of process steps in the value chain from planning, buying to reporting. Supports decisions and negotiations algorithmically, eliminates manual sources of error.

Intelligence Qube

Gathers, aggregates and normalises data from all advertising media, marketing and tracking systems. Analysis and optimisation in a central data hub. Basis of every machine learning and modelling. Saves several man-days for customer reporting.

Distribution of working time in conventional media planning…

Activation Briefing0%

…and with the
Campagin Management Platform

Activation Briefing0%

Free up resources:
40 hours per month and employee

Throughout the entire process chain of media planning and execution, there are a number of redundant activities that generate high manual effort or require maintenance-intensive interfaces between various systems.


With Media Desk as part of the Campaign Mangement Platform you eliminate these activities and enable your planners to spend more time on value-adding activities. At the same time you significantly increase the per capita managed media budget. A real competitive advantage in the next fee negotiation with the client.


Further cost savings result from better negotiation results of the planners and significantly reduced error rates.

Savings Agencies Media Desk

Your client loves transparency. So give it to him!

The agencies’ battle for media budgets is getting tougher and clients are becoming more professional in their choice of agencies. Every pitch of relevant size is accompanied by pitch consultants and auditors who demand a high degree of transparency from the agencies. Intransparent business models will not be able to survive in the long run.


Be ahead of the market and give your customers more transparency and a view into the engine room. Because operational proximity is a guarantee for customer loyalty.


With the fully flexible rights and roles concept of the Campaign Management Platform products, you can determine together with your client how deep the collaboration will go – up to and including supporting your customer with the in-house request.

Media Desk is collaborative.

Products for Agencies

Media Desk is collaborative.

Products for Agencies

Optimise your agency income and reduce audit efforts

Track all Publisher Deals

Media Desk enables an effective deal management of your publisher commitments and AVB contracts - and thus a significant optimisation of your contribution margins.

Optimise your agency agreements

Calculate daily updated revenue streams from agency agreements and let Media Desk give you optimisation recommendations for your contract structures.

Audit on the fly

Save yourself the trouble of setting up your own teams for auditors. The Media Desk Buying database allows to answer even the most complex data requests from auditors and customers within a few hours.

Ready to go in four weeks. The rollout process.

  • Analyse Media


    Requirements analysis
    Coordination of roles and tasks
    Definition of use cases
    Roadmap planning

  • Setup


    Technical requirements
    Infrastructure Setup
    Power user training
    Testing & Going Live

  • Campaign Management Platform Rollout


    Requirement management
    Ongoing support
    Feature expansion
    Adaptation during operation

Benefits at a glance

Speed Up - Quality Up

More speed, quality and efficiency in planning and execution

Focus on the essentials

Over 40 hours per month and FTE more time for the essentials - save your team the monkey jobs!

Streamline Communication

Smooth collaboration, no e-mails, no Excel. Everyone is talking about the same thing - in the same place.

Smart Commitment Management

Optimize agency profitability through AVB and commitment management. Keep track of all contracts and manage budgets for higher profitability.

Superfast Rollout

Depending on the integration into your system landscape, your systems will be ready to go in four weeks.

Transparency is the Order of the Day

Transparency for your customers as a real competitive advantage: Let your customers access your media plans and enable approvals and reports directly in your tool.

Automate your Paid Media Processes

Automate your paid media process - purchasing, ad management and financial controlling at the touch of a button. Reduce manual jobs in execution and reporting to a minimum.

Save Ressources and Money

Save €2,400 per FTE and month. With a team of 10 media planners, you can release budgets in the six-figure range.