Your data, your media ecosystem

The Advertising Clutter increases, the Media ROI decreases.
The higher the demands on the planning and control of campaigns, but also on transparency. Agency-own planning and optimization systems make it difficult for advertisers to objectively assess the quality of media planning and optimization. In addition, the usually regular agency changes are associated with enormous set-up costs – learnings are lost, just like purchase prices or reporting data.


With the Campaign Management Platform you provide your partners with your proprietary ecosystem. All learnings, data and KPIs remain with you – and open up the option of in-house.

Build your own media ecosystem?


Your Media Ecosystem: Campaign Management Platform

Campaign Management Products Agency Controlling

Full transparency for advertisers

Full transparency: media, execution, purchasing

All data, every purchase price and all line items centrally in your system - Media Desk keeps data in highest granularity, aggregated in clear statistics and dashboards at the push of a button. Your media planning is yours.

All teams, agencies & externals on one platform

You organise all teams, agencies and marketing activities with Campaign Planner. Always keep track of what your service providers are doing and which deadlines have to be met. Transparent for everyone involved.

Automatic reports on all channels & walled gardens

With a simple click Intelligence Qube generates reports and dashboards across all channels and walled gardens, which you can use directly for presentation - or as feed for your own BI system. Time-consuming queries with your agency become obsolete.

Full control over your media – end-to-end

Basis for an Inhousing

We give you back control of your marketing activities and media campaigns - end-to-end. Create new campaigns with just a few clicks and monitor progress on your campaign management dashboards.

Pitches directly in your ecosystem

Make your tenders efficient: In media pitches you make your ecosystem available as a platform as early as the RFP phase - and thus have full comparability and direct insight into the agencies' machine room.

Media Audit on the fly

Agency collaboration gives you direct access to all historical data - from purchase prices to performance KPIs, enabling you to better assess your partners' performance over time. We call this ``Media Audit on the fly``.

Collaboration at its best

Everyone always up-to-date

With all stakeholders on one platform, all your marketing teams, agencies and externals are always up to date.

Faster onboarding

At management level, Campaign Planner gives you an overview of all activities and budgets. In Mediadesk, channel managers work in the same media planning system as their agencies, thus avoiding a number of frictional losses.

Changing agencies without pain

New colleagues can greatly shorten your onboarding process and a change of agency is associated with much less pain and set-up time than usual.

Roll-out process: ready-to-go in four weeks

The introduction of our products in a simple and well-structured process – also the implementation in complex structures and system landscapes is a learned daily routine for our responsible team. In addition to the technical setup, we are at your side as a partner for change management support – with training, world-class support and many lessons learned from successful implementations.


All Digital Control tools are user-centred and can usually be used immediately without training and with the appropriate expertise.

  • Analyse Media


    Requirements analysis
    Coordination of roles and tasks
    Creation of the use cases
    Roadmap planning

  • Setup


    Technical requirements
    Infrastructure Setup
    Power user training
    Testing & Going Live

  • Campaign Management Platform Rollout


    Requirements management
    Ongoing Support
    Feature expansion
    Customizing on the fly

Campaign Management Platform

Digital Control’s proprietary Campaign Management Platform breaks down silos and turns your media plan collection into true end-to-end paid media planning.

Campaign Planner

Strategic planning tool across different campaigns, teams, channels and countries. Brings together all levels of marketing and agencies - and avoids redundant communication. No more tinkering with Excel overviews!

Media Desk

Media planning and activation at its best: Automates the majority of process steps in the value chain from planning, buying to reporting. Supports decisions and negotiations algorithmically, eliminates manual sources of error.

Intelligence Qube

Gathers, aggregates and normalises data from all advertising media, marketing and tracking systems. Analysis and optimisation in a central data hub. Basis of every machine learning and modelling. Saves several man-days for reporting.

Benefits at a glance

Your own paid media ecosystem

Your own data. Forever.


Full transparency down to the most granular level: all prices, KPIs and budgets in your system

Full control over all processes

Integrated audit, pitches directly in your system

Pain-free agency change

Super fast onboarding: Internal and external

Communicate more effectively

Smooth collaboration, without e-mail, without Excel

Quick rollout

Ready-to-go in four weeks